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The Tap Guys are a team of highly experienced beverage lovers. Day in and day out we strive to make better tasting beverages.

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If you can’t do it right the first time, how will you find time to do it a second time? There is no project too big or too small; we have the staff & expertise to service them all. The better tasting beverages start with the best serviced taps. Better tasting beverage is our business!

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At The Tap Guys, we take immense pride in our work, just as we know you do. We don’t consider a project complete until it is done right. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your beverages not only taste exceptional but also leave a lasting impression on your customers.

We have a deep understanding of the challenges involved in delivering the finest tasting beverages. As a result, our commitment extends well beyond the initial installation. We genuinely care about your customers’ happiness and share your dedication to their satisfaction.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll quickly discover our genuine love for discussing the beverage industry. It’s not just a profession, but a passion that keeps us up at night when we know you’re experiencing system problems. At The Tap Guys, we go the extra mile by training your staff in proper techniques and equipping them with problem-solving skills for common tap issues. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that your beverages flow smoothly at all times, as this is a responsibility we address diligently every single day.

Micro Matic


All of The Tap Guys employees are Micro Matic certified installers. This mission is important to us so we can provide scalable innovative installations and unlimited support services. We are dedicated to the success of every draft project and it’s possible with a complete team of educated and experienced staff.

Micro Matic is a leading draft system provider that we network extensively with to provide cutting edge services and products. With our joint collaboration, we are able to provide on demand support and services. We rigorous train to understand the cutting edge solutions, allowing us to be a single stop solution for our customers in need.

Business costs can be a large burden and stress on the owner. The Tap Guys is willing to do everything that we can to reduce these stresses, while at the same time, create the fastest profit turnaround. We will not sacrificing quality of service and taste.

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We chase the best tasting beverages and we know you do too! Our install partners are the best in the business.Lets meet up on a bar stool to build your next draft system together.
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