Surly Brewing Install

Install & Service.

Tower, Taps, Lines, Cooler, & System.

We had the incredible privilege of providing a beverage system solution for Surly Brewing, which turned out to be one of our largest and most ambitious installations to date. With very minimal adjustments required, we successfully tackled this project of grand scale. However, our commitment did not end with the installation itself. We dedicated significant time working closely with Surly to ensure they could deliver the best-tasting beverages to their customers for years to come.

The scope of the project involved installing 170 lines and intricately maneuvering them through two high ceiling floors and hundreds of feet of feed. This project exemplifies our expertise and ability to handle complex undertakings. Surly Brewing’s installation showcases our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional solutions and helping our clients achieve unparalleled beverage quality.

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